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Accomodation in Livadia                  reservations before 31/12/2004



(see village photos)

JULY 11 2005

When you arrive on the island of Tilos, your first discovery will be Livadia bay.  At the far west of the bay you will find the miniscule antique harbour beneath the Faros hotel. At the far east, are situated the Ilidi studios and their private beach. Between east and west is the village harbour with its main square, bus terminus, post office, the one and only bank (with cash distributor), shops... The church, simple and majestic inaugurates the 4km pebble beach, where most of the restaurants, bars and shops are located. A few steps away, you will find Joanna's bar, where English beakfast, cakes, pastries and pizzas are exceptional. Livadia is by far the most animated spot of the island! However don't think you are on the Costa Del Sol, Cote d'Azur, Riviera, or any other "in" vacation spot, it is quite the opposite...

We have visited for you:

  HOTELS     Location   Price per day  
  IRINI   In the heart of Livadia, a 100m from the beach   +/- 45

per room

  ELENI   In the middle of Livadia bay   +/- 45

per room

  FAROS   Isolated at the west end of Livadia bay   +/- 45

per room

  ILIDI   On top of the harbour   from 60 to 85

per studio