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11 JUILLET 2005

Most frequently asked questions




bullet Where is this island hidden?
bullet How to access Tilos?
bullet Where to stay?
bullet How to reserve?
bullet How to move around on the island?
bullet What is the weather at the moment? (satellite view of Greece)
bullet Today's weather forecast in Rhodos and nearby?...
bullet... and on average in Tilos?
bulletCan I see photos of Tilos?
bullet Greece... the flag,  hymn?
bullet Is there a doctor on the island? What happens in case of an emergency?
bullet Dangerous animals and insects do they bring overwhelming fear?
bullet What about vaccination?




How to reserve?

By consulting the pages devoted to ACCOMODATIONS, you will discover our selection of hotels and studios. Make your choice and send it to us as fast as possible . We will come back to you with the procedure to be followed...

Is there a doctor on the island? What happens in case of an emergency?

The Mayor of Tilos is also a doctor. If necessary, he will provide you the first aid. In the event of urgency, a helicopter will come in 10 minutes from Rhodos and will take  you to the nearest hospital .

What about vaccination?

Not necessary. Your only real concern might be an allergy to the sun.

Dangerous animals and insects do they bring overwhelming fear?

No panic!... Scorpions and snakes do live on the island, but are hardly dangerous. The SCORPIONS will give you in the worst case a fever (consult the island doctor in order to be reassured). The few SNAKES are more afraid of you than you of them.

Rumour has it that certain island creeks (not those where you will swim) have one lonesome shark man-eater comes to show his aileron. True or false? Frankly, it does not seem that you will live through a remake of another famous Steven Spielberg movie...

Finally, the few mosquitos might be the only insects which could leave you the most unpleasant memories... Less than the roosters of Megalo Chorio...


How to move around on the island?

A comfortable bus regularly makes the turn of the island, except, of course during the siesta. To go from Livadia to Megalo Chorio or Eristos, will cost you around 1€ one way; payment is carried out at your destination.
You can also rent a car (approximately 35€ per day). The gasoline is less expensive than in the majority of the European countries. Take care not to be in need of gasoline between 14h and 17h, because the single petrol station of the island, between Livadia and Mégalo Chorio, is also having a nap!. Neither will you succeed during a power failure (they can be daily and in general last at least an hour).
Another possibility is offered to you: to rent a motor bike (approximately 15€ per day). But give up if you are like Alain who had never been  on a motor bike before his first stay in Tilos in 1998. In less than one week, the future groom had made seven accidents! His island nickname is IndianAL Jones, the sole adventurer from Brussels to have survived the "tilosophic" traps
If all of the above is still not meeting your needs, you will always be able to  choose the "taxi" solution . There are two of them on the island. The rates are regulated  (aprox. 6 € one way) and you will be able to call them until late in the night!