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JULY 11 2005






Yet, all the same, once you touch land this island invades your soul. Do not ask why but rather let yourself be carried away. Do not try to resist, only then you will taste the unique pleasures such as watching the deep blue sea melt into the horizon...

The beaches are certainly not the most beautiful in the world. The sceneries are rather unpolished in July and August. This is normal, it never rains during the summer months and thunderstorms are unheard of. The earth is dry and the vegetation is burned by the sun. Luckily, the olive trees and the bougainvillea omnipresent bring colour. It has been this way for the past thousands if not millions of years.

Tilos, small island of the Dodecanese situated near Rhodos and Turkey, is not found in the enticing vacation catalogs. It is of no interest to the numerous travel agencies. To conclude, one will not find the ambiance of the Costa Del Sol, Cote d'Azur or the Riviera at the height of the summer season...